A3 Report in ZPDS

A3 Report is one of the core tools of lean thinking and is designed to support problem solving in the Toyota Production System. The links below provide great background and examples of practical use of A3 Report.

A3 Report is one of the core processes in ZPDS. It tries to bring the simplicity of A3 Report to collaborative problem solving.

A3 workflow

The example A3 process is defined as shown below. It is possible to define an A3 process that suits your organization’s A3 process using the very-easy-to-use ZPDS’s workflow engine.


A3 Form

The A3 form is designed to be simple for people to collaboratively work on the information needed for problem solving.

Commenting and Free-form collaboration

The A3 process in ZPDS supports free-form collaboration via a sophisticated commenting system that is associated to the process



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